Butterfly garden Friedrichsruh

Schmetterlingspark Aumühle

Am Schlossteich 8

21521 Aumühle-Friedrichsruh

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Located in the big Forest Sachsenwald and close to chancelor Bismark’s sommer residency, this habitat sits inmidst of a beautiful park and is surrounded by magnificient houses. A very nice spot! You can combine it with a visit in the Bismarckmühle restaurant or the Waldesruh am See. The latter being a wee bit upscale, so decent clothing will make you feel comfortable.

The butterfly garden is one of the oldest in Germany and comes up with a fascinating biodiversity. They fly around freely, and land on shoulders, and are extremly difficult to catch with a camera. The most beautiful were the big blue ones. The habitat has tropical temperature and humidity and the Park is nice to stroll through and play hide and seek.


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