Geocaching Hamburg

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Last weekend we tried Geocaching, the modern treasure hunt. It was actually quite fun! All you need is a Smartphone and an app. I have used c:geo which is based on one of the biggest geocaching database worldwide. When at home you can check an area for hidden caches in a map (I was astonished to find three in my direct neighborhood!!) and download them to your phone for later search. The short description gives some information on what size of box (can be a small container for old-fashioned films, can be a lunchbox or big boxes) to be expected. Most of the boxes contain a “treasure”, some of which you can take. But then, usually a replacement is necessary, so you need to bring something yourselves. We went to Jenischpark in Nienstedten to go after 4 caches (we only found one befor it started raining). Whilst we enjoyed the gorgeous views to the Elbe river the children had a lot of fun following the compass on my mobile and it was astonishing how a find can make happy. To escape the rain, we went to Café Engel (Teufelsbrück) located directly on the ponton on the river Elbe and had some hot chocolate. We will definitely do it again.