Well, why I am doing this? Because it is a lot of fun to me. Two years ago, I still thought , ” well, it is a pretty difficult thing to find out what you can do with children in Hamburg! “. Back then there was only the baby Lounge in Eimsbuettel which I knew of, and I only got to know about Cafe Frühlings too late, when it was already closed down. I knew hardly any great Playgrounds.

Well, and now ? Now I can only say: I do not know what I should do first with my kids … especially when I anyway only have the weekend due to full-time work under the week. Weekend is family time for us and we do something together, so over the years we have really tried many of the tips here ourselves.

Besides, it ‘s fun to see that what I’m doing is appreciated by you. I value every comment and “like it” click, because it means that more people will see my posts . At the moment, these are around 2,000 people a month! To build the homepage, to draw the logos and to collate the entire content, is a hobby for me.

Most photos, which I have not taken myself, are inquired from the locations themselves and in seldom cases I pulled them from their press section. Where I can identify a specific copyright I do note that within the photo. Unfortunately, the plugin I am using does not allow to place the caption below the photos, hence I kindly ask to click on the photos to see the copyright information. Thank you.

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