Here you will find tips for activities with children in Hamburg, child-friendly sightseeing in Hamburg and its neighborhood, day trip recommendations for Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, child undertakings and leasure tips. Recommendations for children events, movies, theatres or participation activities are posted regularly in our Blog.

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These are our Top 5 Family Activities:


MiniaturwunderlandCertainly not a secret and mentioned in most travel guides, the miniature world of modell trains, cities and landscapes is simply unbeatably good. The dreamlike location inmidst the wonderful and interesting mix of modern and anciant architecture of the Speicherstadt allows to combine the visit with a stroll along the cafes and restaurants. At the end another highlight awaits your children: the huge superbe playground at Grasbrookpark. Read more…


Playground Planten un Blomen

Spielplatz Planten un BlomenPlanten un Blomen is a wonderfully designe park in the heart of the city inviting for a lovely stroll in each season. The park itself is already a treat for children since so many secret paths await exploration. The first highligh tis the greenhouse at Stefansplatz, where you can walk away from wind and weather and march trhough the djungle or the desert. Outside, the way leads you through the rose garden, past the japanese tea house to the biggest superbe playground of Hamburg for children of all ages. A kiosk serves icecream and pommes frites.


Eisarena 1Likewise located at Planten un Blomen, but in the part Wallanlagen, is the ice skating arena, which is turned to a roller skate arena in summer time. Freshly renovated it invites to turn endless rounds on the ice, accompanied by pop music. Sometimes, one can watch real good skaters making their stunts and beautiful curves and pirouettes. A kiosk serves sweets and rows on the side allow for a “parental” break with a cool or hot drink in hand while watching our offspring attempting to become ice princes and princesses.

Erlebniswald Trappenkamp

Trappenkamp 3Not Hamburg, but worht the trip is the nature park Trappenkamp north of Bad Segeberg. The tour starts at the unbelievably big playground, which has everything a child’s heart may wish for. You can even ride ponies. There is so much to explore, it never gets boring: imps forest, hedge paths, deer, herbs meadow, forest museum, badgers hole. It is difficult to see everything in a day. At the end of the visit one can do barbecue (bring your stuff, grills can be rented) or you drive a bit further to the restaurant Antikhof Bissee.


Niedersächsisches BauernhausA most recommended day trip to the Plön lakes in Schleswig-Holstein. The beautiful shadowy walkway (feasable even for small children) leads ultimately to a small and neat sand beach with shower and kiosk. One could also leave the normal walkway and explore the tiny trails leading you alongside the lake’s banks, all ultimately lead to the restaurant and the beach. Here’s a Blogpost.