Off we go into autumn forest to Grabau!

Naturerlebnis Grabau
Children aged 3+
Hoherdamm 5
23845 Grabau

Who’s been hanging around with me longer, has been given this piece of inspiration in the beginning of the year already. Since I enjoy exploring nature and my children do too, I think this is a really nice target for a day trip. And I don’t know any child who does not love to run around in a forest – especially now with all the leaves mounting high. The small experimental forest behind Bad Oldesloe (half hour drive) is quite unknown. But definitely worth the little trip. The forest offers beautiful hiking trails with numerous opportunities to explore, balance and climb. All over the place you come across child-friendly stations that provide information about the forest life in a charming way. And everything can really easily mastered by your little one, without being too boring for the older children. A nice playground with a carousel (omg, I felt ominous – I’m getting old!), net swing, spider’s web, climbing castle, jump box and more scattered in a huge area inmidst of trees invites for a first stay. In the other corner of the forest a small low ropes course is fun for the older children. Our children always favor the simple unguided discovery of secret paths on the lake shore. they immediately turn on their survival identity (too much TV I fear).

We originally wanted to go to the Glacehaus in Bad Oldesloe afterwards because it again has a playground. But I really didn’t feel well after the carousel experience and so we went home. However, we spontaneously (I got better) decided to pay the cafe of Gut Stegen a visit and ate very good Flammkuchen, the house specialty.

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