Stering a container vessel into the port of Singapore

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Internationales Maritimes Museum
Dienstag, Mittwoch & Sonntag 14:00 Uhr

This is something really special! Have you ever took control of a container vessel? Even though it is just simulation it is quite exiting and one does its best not to hid any harbor walls. I have done this, although at a manufacturer for bridges (vessel bridges of course). That was kind of awesome. At the new high-tech ship simulator of the International Maritime Museum, you can now try this yourselve. Andreas Greulich, captain of the DEUTSCHLAND, and museum Captain Hans Trey hand over you the steering wheel and engine telegraph of the Cruise Vessel. After a short introduction you take course to the cruise terminal and run between fish auction hall to portside and drydock on the starboard side safely into the harbor of Hamburg. If you are in a good mood, a bank of fog will increase the challenge 😉 Well? Will you manage without collision? At the end there is even a real certificate.

Several ships are ready to ride, including the container ship TOKYO EXPRESS, the cruise vessel EUROPA and a catamaran. And you can enter not only the Port of Hamburg, but also the ports of Rotterdam and Singapore.

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