Mushroom hunt in Hamburg’s North

12.10.2012 10:00 – 13:00
Parking place U-Bahn Ohlstedt

Andrea Kelting, an expert with German mushrooms, leads through the Wohldorfer Forest and explains any mushroom you may find. This year there were no frosty nights yet and so any edible mushroom you find can finally be eaten. It is a family event, thus bring all your children, baskets, gumboots, eventually raincoat and high spirits and walk the now so beautiful forest. This is THE chance to search for mushrooms with a teacher, there is no other organized event like this in the North!

It would be appreciated if you’d register. You can do so online at and then search for “Pilz” – its no. CNorF236. Last year, wehn we went, it was not a huge problem if you did not register and pay the fee directly to Mrs. Kelting.

I recommend to have lunch at the restaurant Wohldorfer Mühle situated just opposite at the other side of the forest. You may either go by car, or, if you are able to identify your location on your mobile phone, quit the group at some stage and walk. The restaurant is worth going. Very nice atmosphere and a small playground right next to it. A few meters away: fallen trees to train balance and a small creek with a fish ladder. This is where the gumboots really proof if they hold out the water 😉

Photo v.l.n.r.: Eigen, Rainer Sturm / Pixelio, Susanne-Schmich / Pixelio

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Restaurant Wohldorfer Mühle 53.704496, 10.129423 Restaurant Wohldorfer Mühle Website: Blogpost: Geführte Pilzwanderung in Hamburg\'s Norden