Hello Hamburgers children chefs

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Kinderkochschule Poppenbüttel
Kinderkochschule Poppenbüttel
21.01.2014 – Start „Small chefs turn big“
every Tuesday 5:00 – 7:00 pm up to 28.02.
Children 8-12 years

Claudia Weber has opened the children cooking school Poppenbüttel and is offering her regular children courses enthusiastically: it is a win-win situation, with numerous benefits for everybody. The first benefit is “fun”, and there’s lots of it if a small group of children start cooking together. The second is “a fed child”, the third is “develop socializing skills” and the last one….well that’s more a benefit for us moms. She’s got a new course starting next Tuesday for 89,– EUR (that would be for 5 3-Course-Menues on each the next following Tuesdays). She teaches the basics of cooking and when your child has accomplished that she/he gets a proper certificate. A very good investment: no need to cook dinner for us moms after that ;))
The feedback of the children is basically “fabulous”!