Catch fish in one of Hamburg’s creeks

Anywhere where there is a creek

My children love this. Especially because they are always successful. The fish are obviously not for eating, they are really small, but it is still a huge thing for them. Gumboots, rain trousers and a big empty glas of sour cucumbers – that’s all we need. We head to the creek Saselbek, but you can go anywhere, even the Alster will do. You just need to find a place where is is easy to walk into the water or put the catcher into the water withiut being in danger of falling inside.

The catchers can be bought at Lidl or Aldi sometimes or at one of these 1 EUR shops. If you want some that survive the first catching you should go to an aquarium shop or a garden supplies shop.

Remains the question of what to do with the fish. You probably don’t want to flush them down the toilet. One night they will easily survive but the next day you should either bring them back or find a neighbor with a small pond who is willing to give them a new home 😉