Ponyriding and picnic at Niendorfer Gehege

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Niendorfer Gehege 50
22453 Hamburg

My daughter’s face always lights up, when she sees horses – especially small ponies. So when it is time to give her a treat, e. when she managed to clean her teeth for one week in a row without starting a fight (which she rarely does), I take her to one of the two places I know about in Hamburg, where you can ride on adhoc basis: Klöveseen (Rissen) or Niendorfer Gehege (Niendorf). This post is about the latter.  When the weather is lovely one should be there in time or bring time, as it gets quite crowdy since it is really poplar.For beginners a bycicle helmet is suffcient and for professionals, well, they usually have their helmet.. The small ponies (or rather a mini-horse – sorry, I am a no-brainer here) are friendly and calm and other than that, well they are ponies, thus you need to be strongheaded otherwise you will be watching your pony munching grass and leaves all the way. So, reins in hand, close to the muzle, stand on the left side and don not fear to pull – hard and steady. Works. You get the pony for 30 minutes and that suffice to take a round on the spacious walkway. Once you’re on the way, it is not crowded. If I remember correctly they take 7 EUR. Some 200m before there is a playground where daddy could take your son who is generally against this girly thing “horse-riding”. And just next doors is a cafe serving cakes and coffee. No website.

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Ponyreiten Niendorfer Gehege 53.615946, 9.932688 Ponyreiten Niendorfer Gehege Website: ./. Blogpost: Ponyreiten im Niendorfer Gehege