Potato harvesting at Gut Wulksfelde on 20.09.!

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Gut Wulksfelde
Wulksfelder Damm 15-17
22889 Tangstedt

20.09.2014 10:00 – 18:00

On 20.09. Gut Wulksfelde offers potato harvesting – a great event! With a big tractor trailer, which can only be entered via two huge hay bales, it goes to the field. Shovels and bags are available. For me it always seems as if the potatos are gold nuggets and we are on a treasure hunt! We are always participating and take 3-4 bags full of potatos back home – and my poor husband has to carry them!

At the farm yard there are usually a lot of activities offered: box climbing, ranting about in a hay barn, hiding in the farm garden, potato stamping, barbeque etc. And don’t miss to take a walk through the little farm animal zoo (having goats, sheep, donkies, guinee pigs and chickens to watch) and take home the idea for your next visit of this lovely place!

The playground is all natural wood, a small house to climb upon and a tree house with a slide, a climbing parcour and a pump to pump water into a wooden pipe into a sandbox. The farmer’s garden is also popular among children as the tiny pathways between the plants feel like secret fairy-tale paths. After exploring the farm you should give the restaurants Gutsküche at least a quick look. It serves really delicious food, and is one of the best in the North of Hamburg. There is a small children’s area in the back and if you reserve the respective table they can play and look at books when they finished so that you can enjoy sipping the rest of your wine. It will for sure stick in your heads as the next dinner location.

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Gut Wulksfelde 53.715598, 10.110412 Gut Wulksfelde Website: www.gut-wulksfelde.de Blogpost: Am 22.09. ist wieder Kartoffeln ausbuddeln auf Gut Wulksfelde angesagt!