Apple picking with children at Alte Land

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Apple-picking in the Alte Land is a nice adventure for both children and parents. The beauty of the apple trees in the sun is a real thrill! And it is not that far – just 30 minutes drive from the city center and you are in the gorgious landscape. Romantically curved roads along the dikes lead you to the apple farms. We recommend the Herzapfelhof for self-pcking (although there are many others). The Herzapfelhof also offers the so-called “Apfelexpress” which is some kind of train pulled by a small tractor and consisting of apple picking boxes – real fun for everybody! Call them to ask when they will be going!

I am a cake addict and one of the best places to feed that monster in me is the Alte Land! I have repeatedly eaten the most delicious self-made cakes at the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Obsthof Feindt</a> (with a little swing waits for small guests in the garden) and you can walk into the plantation on a small street to the back of the farm. Decorative pumkins and vintage apple boxes can be bought on most farms and will serve you well trhough autumn!

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Herzapfelhof 53.528840, 9.697830 Herzapfelhof             Website: Blogpost: Apfelernte mit Kindern im Alten Land Apfelernte im alten Land