Weather is “brrrr…”? Dodenhof Play Paradise

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DodenhofBefore the boredom of my offspring turns nasty, brother sweetheart extracts bushes of sister sweethearts hair, or I having to repeatedly deny the urgent demand to be allowed watching TV, playing ipad or Wii or preventing whatsoever other nonsence two very young human mankinds can think off, I rather jump into the car and go to an indoor playground which is free of charge …  well, depending on your resistance to the multiple seductions around that same place.

Dodenhof Furniture Store in Kaltenkirchen! They have a HUGE play area for children. Parents are admitted so even small children are welcome. Or, you just let your bigger ones play and walk through the store, having yourself inspired for new decoration of your house / apartment.


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Dodenhof 53.844020, 9.933780 Dodenhof Website:‎ Blogpost: Draußen ist \"brrrr...\"? Dodenhof Spielparadies Schlechtwettertip: Spielparadies im Dodenhof Möbelhaus