Discover the public library: Central library at Hühnerposten

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ZentralbibliothekLibraries? You go there to lend some dusty books. But did you know that you can also borrow games? I mean real games! The children section is actually really, really big. A visit to the library is always a lot of fun for my children – especially (but certainly not limited to) the central library at Hühnerposten (opposite the Hauptbahnhof). There are cuddly reading areas, a café with reasonable pricing and a huge offer of all kinds of media. Depending on the age of your children you can drop them in the children section and be sure they will entertain themselves for hours or you take them with you whilst you explore the DVD section, which shall be my special tip today.

Go to third floor and take a sharp turn to the right:






  • Insider tip 1: you will find shelves containing numerous audio book in English language. Loads of them. For long trips in the car. Or for short trips (insider tip within the insider tip: the short stories of David Sedaris!). From classic literature like Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights to contemporary literature of T.C. Boyle or thrillers like Lush Life ofRichard Price. Older children surprisingly agree listening to these in the car!
  • Insider tip 2: A few steps along. Eyes to the right. DVD shelf. You do not have to wait until 10:00 pm Thursdays to watch a brilliant documentation on animals on 3Sat läuft. Or to see one of these great series on ice vulcanies on the Neptun. There is a complete science section with movies on endangered frogs, the becoming of the universe or the greates trains and locomotives (my son could watch these for hours!).
  • Insider tip 3: You are a homely person? Or you like watching other people being domestic? At the far wall you will find a DVD shelf with the best cooking shows, gardening shows, and dog training videos. How to prepare insects for dinner, 4-hour barbecue shows, the dog whisperer or Eni’s baking magic, all this you can fin in the hobby department.

My children select children DVDs and audio books downstairs. Thereafter, they do the borrowing procedure (makes them frin with pride). And at home they start listening to the first new audio.

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