Barbeque on the beach – Wittenberge Elbe beach

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Rissener Ufer / Falkensteiner Ufer

When warm summer evenings draw us out of the apartment, I recommend the Wittenbergen beach just before Rissen. Sure, you can also go more central, but I know no place that is more idyllic than this. You can also reach it with public transport as there goes a bus. Parking is uphill. Daddy plays burro and carries the drinks and food stuff and mommy takes the rug and the decoration (always a must with me – causing rolling eyes). Mostly, daddy has to go again to get the grill and the charcoal – I motivate by telling him, it’s good for his tummy – he loves that ;). This is one of the rare occasions where the wooden cart is really useful. Once at the bottom many small niches under shady trees wait for you, the low-hanging branches look wonderfully romantic with lanterns. The children are sent to look for branches – nope, not for lighting the fire, but for stick bread. I make the dough in a few minutes – who has no desire to engage with flour: with ‘Knack and Baking’ buns it also works. Roll the dough into a long sausage and concentrically wrap it around the stick. Then squeeze the joints with your fingernails tightly, otherwise the dough falls off too easy. The collected sticks are processed with carving knives, the children can usually do that themselves. Later I skewers small Frankfurter sausages on to the sticks, the children can then also grill them. While waiting that the coal becomes hot enough, little feet often get wet in the water f the Elbe river. A second set of clothes is advisable, as well as a towel to blot off dry sand when later shoes should be put back on. Hubby and me enjoy the view of the Elbe river changing its color as well as the one or other container vessel steaming by.

Photo v.l.n.r.: Eigenes, Falkensteiner Ufer (c) Staro1 CC 3.0, „Wittenbergen Strand Unterfeuer“ (c) Corradox CC-BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia Commons

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