Snakes, otters, owls, mushrooms and a great playground: Wildpark Eekhold

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by Tanja Dodd (thank you!!!)
Wildpark Eekholt
Eekhold 1
24623 Grossenaspe

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel the urge to get out into nature… and Eekhold Wildpark is a great adventure. Just 50km to the north of Hamburg, this park is 67 hectares of wilderness, moors and waterways. See over 700 animals in natural surroundings. Children can enjoy the Adventure Playground and the Water Playground or experience animals close-up in the Animal Petting Area. To replenish energy levels you can grill, have a picnic or enjoy delicious food at the restaurant. Bollerwagens are available for hire and dogs are welcome as long as they stay on their leashes. There are two demarcated walks around the park – one takes an hour, and the other two and a half hours. Highlights include river otters, wolves, as well as a great diversity of bird life. The layout of the park means that even if the park is really busy, you still feel a sense of wilderness and nature.

Kerstin asked me what my son loved most: Well, he loved the otters and the snakes… Coming from SA it was fascinating to see local snakes… And the “cage” is fairly shallow so you can get a really good look. We also have otters but they are really shy so just about impossible to see them so close. Oh yes, he is also obsessed with mushrooms… We have a pocket-sized mushroom book and we carry it with us… You find mushrooms just about on any stroll here in Hamburg… Especially in the many forests near to where we live, and it is good fun to try and identify them. We follow a strict policy not to touch as we wouldn’t know poisonous from edible and don’t want to take any chances, but they had two big display cases at Eekholt – one for edible and the other poisonous… Fascinating. The owls were also a big hit. Had a great day!

The park is open daily from 09:00 and entry fees are reasonably priced.

Wildpark Eekholt

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