Lantern parade of the Fire Brigade Altona

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18:00 Paulinenplatz
Ziel: Friedenskirche am Brunnenhof

On Friday evening another lantern parade is taking place. The parade is accompanied as always by the Altona Voluntary Fire Brigade. The strong guys and girls care for the traffic safety, and despite they are making sure the small and adult participants are well protected against the flow of traffic, they are also there if a lantern should go up in flames ….

The parade starts at 6:00 pm on Paulinenplatz. The procession will meander through the district and end at the church Friedenskirche on Brunnenhof. Here children punsh, poultry sausages, quiche and hot soup are offered to still the hunger after the long walk on little feet.

After the lantern parade the fire trucks can be explored. Those who wish may also once a slip into one of the heavy fire jackets …