Karl’s Fun Farm is a paradise on earth for children

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We have been there last weekend. I wanted to check it out after it underwent some months of renovation. It was good before, really good. Now, it is…I don’t have words 😉

First of all, it is huge – I mean sure it is still no fun park as Hansa Park or thelike, but it is really big. An it looks soooo good! If you are into vintage decoration it will be hard on you to leave the place. They really have a hand for it. For children they have a playground (and so nicely constructed!), a water play area for the smallest, two jumping mountians (sorry, I don’t even know what they are called in German – like balloons half under the earth), a tractor trail (2 EUR per journey) for tractor lovers (usually in the age of 2-4 and accompanied by a parent), a little area with goats and one with donkeys, another really small one with guinea pigs, a little scooter area and sand diggers (both against a small fee I believe) and the absolut best three attractions: the big potato sack slide going throgh a house, the indoors adventure climbing cage (again I am without words for these construction which you find in any iondoor playground) and the “shitting farmer” (excuse my tongue) who sits on a squat toilet (with heart in the door). The last one is most fascinating for the children and suddenly your offspring can’t wait to go to the toilet. And again. And again. The squat house is built opposite the restrooms (and btw. toddlers have a seperate smaller entrance and a small toilet seat) and the door opens automaticall yfrom time to time, showing this (admittedly ugly) man on the toilet. A tape starts playing and the man starts talking like “why are you disturbing me? Don’t you see I am doing business here!”(he actually uses words which you would not want your children to hear, but that is actually what makes them shriek in joy), or “the toilet paper is empty! What a mess!”…And one sequence also includes spitting (and he actually spits!! Water of course. It’s one of the highlights. It was difficult to convince the children that we had to leave at some stage.

Its also quiet a nice place for adults. You sit on nice chairs in the yard directly next to your playing shildren. They have a food area where you can buy all kinds of food and beverages to take outside. There is also a sitting area inside, which is quite noisy though. But here you can admire all that vintage decoration. One can also admire their financial concept. There is no entrance fee and you could actually leave without leaving a cent. But then you can’t. The food is priced reasonably (and on gramm basis so you can load much less on your childrens plate then a normal restaurant portion would and where it is in the end you emptying your childrens plate – I mean who can stand wasting?!) They are specialised on strawberries and sell all kinds of strawberry products as well as somehow related stuff like dishes, serviettes…and in the background they sell toys and books and bonbons. And it is all so nicely done. You just have to have this warming cushion for your feet. And this jam, it really looks tempting, does it not? Although we weren’t forced to I think we left about 40 EUR there. I call that successful seduction ;)))

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