Been fairyland lately – Free tickets to win

Fairytale Dungeon

Ahrensburg (close to train station)

Children 6+

We said goodbye to reality for 90 minutes and went to fairyland. I have never done this before and it was honestly really great. As a mellow adult I would say “superbe illusion”. The children were completely submerged in the world of Princess Icingsugar.

The tip came from Viola Block, thank you! And I must admit that I was not quite able to make sense of their website. And then the prices. Hallelujah! But Viola was thrilled. So I said, well, we will try it.

In Fairyland we were greeted by exchange princess Icingsugar from the land of plenty, admittedly in an ill-fitting dress, but being such a gorgious actress, that I was caught immediately. Princess Icingsugar unceremoniously recruited us to save the fairyland together with her – which apparently was in immediate danger of being wiped out. She is supported by numerous well-made video animations and large hand puppets, which she herself plays (voice being animated from tape). For a whole 90 minutes she and her puppets took us on a journey through fairyland and told their often quite exciting stories. The witch from Hansel and Gretel, for example, would only tell us the way, if we solved her riddles correctly and should we answer a question incorrectly, she would keep a child. We did not dare imagining what might then happen to the child wanted. My daughter (almost seven and otherwise very brave) actually hid behind my back in precaution. Lovingly crafted scenes also spread their spell, we opened a mountain and were lifted from a giant bean into airy heights then dove into the deep sea. A giant compliment to Princess Icingsugar! Expensive, but really worth it. Also good with grandparents instead of going to a Christmas theater.


FreeTickets to win!

I was kindly given two free tickets for reporting on this location. I would like to give them to you! The first two who name the first family activity that I have not yet mentioned in my blog, and who briefly describe why it is fun – get them. Anyone can participate – until midnight tonight.

  • You can only win if you clearly describe the family activity, so that I can understand it. And if I can or could, is solely at my discretion. Best is to insert a link. It should be located in the City of Hamburg.
  • The comment must be made underneath the relevant facebook post.
  • The activity has not been mentioned in my blog to this day and neither has it been referred to as a children map entry.
  • You will get a free ticket, but have to buy another ticket yourself. It is a 2 for 1 voucher. You have to buy the more expensive one (ie. you pay the adult ticket and the child ticket will be free). The price for an adult ticket is 18.50 EUR.
  • If you win, I will give your Facebook name on my Facebook page not later than 5 days from now in a separate post. Within further 2 days of this notification you must contact me and give me your email address. I will give your name and email to Fairy Dungeon and they will be sending you a code. If you do not contact me within that time you will not recieve the free ticket.
  • Who adds a comment accepts that Facebook is free of any liability.
  • The contest is not affiliated with Facebook and Facebook does not sponsor, endorse, organize or hoste the contest.
  • I shall not be hold liable in case I might choose the “wrong” comment as the winner.

Obviously, I want to achieve that you explore my blog – so have fun while doing it!


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