Professional preparation for Halloween

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Kölln Haferland
31.10.2014 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Steinstr. 27, 20095 Hamburg

For small ghosts, cute witches and creepy vampires’ offspring, the tension continiously increases. Halloween is lurking around the corner and Hamburg’s children adopted the American custom easily. So in most residential areas you will find children running from door to door doing “Trick or Treat”. The store Koelln Haferland will be hosting a “preparation party” – obviously for promotion purposes but so what. They have hired the actors from Hamburg Dungeons, real expert when it comes to spooky costumes and make-up. They will do your kids’ make-up and decorate freshly baked Americans (a cake). And they will tell the story of Jack O’Lantern and Halloween everbody will expereince some preprational creeps, tune into the evening atmosphere and eat a lot of sweets. Alternative food is offered for the adults – probably oatmeal related 😉