Daytrip to to the dinosaur park in Münchhagen

Dinopark Münchhagen
Close to Hannover
Alte Zollstraße 5, 31547, Rehburg-Loccum

This park is incredible !!! Huge (just possible to walk through with small children) and the exhibits are amazingly lifelike. They look so real – you get even a little freightened – how good that our kids are so extra smart and already know that these creatures are not real. Dinosaur eggs are enthusiastically admired, real Diplodocus footprints can be touched and the belly of selfsame can be viewed from below (“just look mommy, there is a flap in the belly!”). And with some aloofness they examine the few eating scenes. I thought it was great and I could well empathize the film Jurassic Park, and my kids did want to absolutely come back again. Since the park is quite far away, you have to plan a full day trip for this. There is of course a restaurant in the park serving the usual fast food, but we had our own backpacks full of goodies with us.

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Dinopark Münchhagen 52.442435, 9.199244 Dinopark Münchhagen                     Website: Blogpost: Tagesausflug zum Dinosaurierpark Münchhagen