Buying a Christmas tree

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Apfel- und Tannenhof von Riegen
Vierzigstücken 83
21129 Hamburg (Altes Land)
Gutsverwaltung Schönau
Schönauer Weg 24b
21465 Reinbek/Ohe

The christmas tree tradition is handled quite differently in German families. Some buy it at the beginning of December and through it out of the living room right after Christmas. Others, like us, buy it kind of last minute and keep it until mid of January. I am often getting really nervous the closer the 24.12. gets, becoming rather anxious that we would not get a nice one anymore…

You can buy your Christmas tree in the City, however, Moni Willkowski clearly prefers to go to the countryside and make the purchase a real event. Right behind Harburg the Apple- and fir-farm von Riegen sells Christmas trees in all sizes and shapes. You can buy applejuice in the barnyard while drinking the hot applejuice you get for free with your tree-purchase. After that you can rest at the fireplace or visit the stables. IT is a nice atmosphere! It is also reachable by bus 247 from Harburg.

Last year we went to Gut Schönau in Hamburg’s East. Here you can select your tree still standing on the wide meadows, the so-called tree-schools (Baumschule) where they are supposed to grow into well shaped proper proportioned christmas trees. And then you can fell the tree yourselve. Quite an adventure, I tell you! Your hubby … in the mood of the wild west timber man swinging the ax like a pro. My children loved it. You get all tools needed at the premises.