A river is lifted

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Schiffshebewerk Lüneburg / Scharnebek

Altendorfer Strasse

21379 Scharnebeck

A lift for vessels?? No. Two!! Where the Elbe river otherwise would need to climb stairs to overcome a difference in height of 38 m the ship hoist Lüneburg / Scharnebek lifts vessels from the Elbe to the Mittellandkanal and back. The vessels enter the so-called “Trog”, basically a huge tub and are slowly lifted in the gigantic apparatus. One can observe this procedure conveniently from the bridge and will at last be amazed when looking at the deep and dry shaft. Annually some 21.000 ships are routed through the ship hoist – you will be lucky watching the procedure basically whenever you decide to come. You could even pass the ship hoist on a vessel, if you like!

Really amazing!

Here is a video of the procedure:

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