One million grains of sand and why is the banana bent?

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Strand in Sierksdorf & Bananenmuseum
Prof.-Haas-Str. 59
23730 Sierksdorf

11:00 – 13:00

The beautiful sunny days bear the hope for equally nice weather in the summer holidays! There are already a couple of recommended trips to North and Baltic Sea beaches under category “Beaches”. Sierksdorf is a seaside village at the Baltic sea and not far from Hamburg. In an hour you are there. The beach promenade was recently renovated and you can enjoy the view over the Bay of Lübeck. Whenever it gets too hot, you can send the kids into the water. The beach is family friendly and the water is very shallow as almost everywhere at the Baltic Sea beaches. Now in July, it is still a bit chilly, but with current air temperatures one is warmed up quickly.

When there, you can go to Germany’s only banana museum. It is open on weekends 11:00 to 13:00 and offers all sorts of funny curiousities. For children it is a little highlight. The artist Bernhard Stelmacher collected the pieces with great passion, including a Bananomat: banana in, money out 😉 Real fun to discover all of the tiny museum, even for toddlers (with parents keeping an eye on their little curious hands…

Before heading back to Hamburg, I recommend a culinary gem: the farmhouse cafe Winterhagen is pittoresque surrounded by canola fields, offers home-made cakes and a secluded, beautiful coffee garden.


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