Swimming in the lake at forest bath Volksdorf

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Waldbad Volksdorf
Moorbekweg 100
22359 Hamburg

FINALLY, we went the forest pool Volksdorf. It’s not far from us, just a 20-minute ride with the bike. So the trip started with a nice ride for my children. I must admit I am not a lake swimmer … I do not like it, if I don’t see the ground, if algae touch my legs and I imagine to be sucked by leeches. So I was skeptical – which was one of the reasons why I have taken so long to go there.

Aaahwell, as it is so often the case, I was proven wrong. First, you can see the ground, second there is no algae and third no leeches. However, small fish. And these were persecuted by my children with great passion. “Next time, we must take the catcher, Mama!” they said. Several times. Well, I do not know yet how I could transport these bulky things with the bike. But I am a mom – I am inventive by name 😉

It is a fairly large lake, picturesquely framed by ancient trees. At the front there is a large sandy beach with a shallow waterslide for the kids. Everything is very neat and clean. A non-swimmer area is separated. Behind the beach there is a beautiful, large playground with climbing towers, rocker, cable car and much more. There are volleyball courts and a bowling green. On the other side of the lake is the catering area and a terrace. I would like to make aware that the place is a dedicated nudist bath and as a guest you should pay respect.

Great place, we will go there again. With catchers.

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Waldbad Volksdorf 53.660195, 10.182816 <h5>Waldbad Volksdorf</h5>