“Lets go visit the obstipated animals!”

The Zoologische Museum der Hamburger Universität is one of our favorite museums. My smaller son loves the “obstipated animals”. This is a funny misunderstanding, which must be explained to non-germans. “Opstipated” means “verstopft” in german, which sounds very much like “ausgestopft” (“taxidermied”). So we visit the obstipated animals and we will definitely explain the difference to him when he turns 18.

Ausflugstipp Zoologisches Museum
Ein bisschen verstopft sehen sie in der Tat aus


What’s really great about this place is that you can spend up to two hours or just hop from interesting spot to the next and get out after 20 minutes. It is free of charge and you can find a lot of nice rituals with your kids when you go there often. Starting at the entrance: which one is the scariest creature?



Not for the faint of heart or people with agoraphobia. Which one do you fear the most?

Schauvitrine Zoologisches Museum
Schauvitrine Zoologisches Museum


Say hi to the shoebill. He is one of the friendliest looking birds. My older son never remembers the name of the bird with the big beak. It is a tucan, who is living near a very very red bird.

“Hallo Schuhschnabel!”


“These are the remains of the whales legs” is something my son always remembers, pointing to some small bones at the whales hips. They are a good way to learn that whales are mammals and lived on shore a long time ago.

Pottwal? Schweinswal?
Pottwal? Schweinswal?


This room is not to the public. But you can book a kids birthday party at the Zoologische Museum and your kids can enter this room to meet some insects and learn interesting facts, check the birthday themes and costs here. At the annual “Lange Nacht der Museen” where you can visit most of Hamburgs museums at night this room is open to everyone and you can make a wish to touch any animal. I touched a bird-eating spider last year. Very exciting!




But you are not allowed to touch that crocodile. Never.


Haben Krokodile auch Wackelzähne?


These are anteaters. I did not know how popular anteating is among animals.

Ameisenfressen ist beliebter als erwartet


You can leave a donation at the end. And grab some snacks and coffee at the vending machines. Don’t forget to bring coins! Lots of them! Goodbye, Obstipated aninmals!


Open Tue-Sun 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Closed on monday and holidays

Martin-Luther-King Platz 3

20146 Hamburg

T +49 40 428.38.3880

Bus 4 or 5, S-Bahnhof Dammtor or U-Bahnhof Schlump. See ap below.


Zoologisches Museum
Tschüss, verstopfte Tiere!

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Zoologisches Museum der Universität Hamburg 53.568020, 9.978710 Zoologisches Museum der Universität Hamburg Website: www.uni-hamburg.de/ Blogpost: Zu den verstopften Tieren? Zoologisches Museum Hamburg