A river is lifted

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Schiffshebewerk Lüneburg / Scharnebek Altendorfer Strasse 21379 Scharnebeck A lift for vessels?? No. Two!! Where the Elbe river otherwise would need to climb stairs to overcome a difference in height of 38 m the ship hoist Lüneburg / Scharnebek lifts … Continued

Jump, Jump, Jump!

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JUMP House Kieler Straße 572 – 22525 Hamburg Another promising new opening in this year is the JUMP HOuse in Eidelstedt. Friday 12.12.2014 is the big day! It is basically a mega huge trampolin, a trend sloshing over from the … Continued

Swimming christmas bakery

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href=”http://www.maerchenschiffe.de” target=”_blank”>Die Backschiffe 24.11.2014 – 24.12.2014 10:00 – 17:00 Jungfernstieg Children 3+ For the 29. (!) time the city of Hamburg invites children to its chrismassy bakery sessions in great atmosphere. The re-functioned, gorgiously decorated Alster vessels are now part … Continued

Play barn of tales

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Marie-Henning-Weg 1 21035 Hamburg (Allermöhe) Foggy, rainy and windy weather – that is called the typical ‘Hamburger Schmuddelwetter’. And this agreable weather will be accompanying us for the next 4,5 months. Puh. So well, this is high season for the … Continued

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